Industry: Industrial Manufacturer

Develop organizational flexibility – Grow with resilience

The problem:

After years of flat growth, an industrial manufacturing client looked to find a path for growth. The company had a shrinking list of customers in existing markets, and needed to expand its offering base in order to grow.


  • Uncertainty with where the markets were going, paired with lack of attractive areas of opportunity.
  • No formal review of competitive strengths and core competencies.
  • History of unsuccessful attempts at bringing new products to market.


  • Engagement with key stakeholders including Technology, Operations, Sales and General management to develop SWOT analysis on current positioning and to develop USPs (unique selling propositions).
  • Creation of market assessments in five adjacent market segments including competitive landscape, profit margins and growth projections.
  • Implementation of a new product development process designed to improve the success rate of new launches.

Results obtained:

The final report delivered to the company identified 3 previously unidentified target opportunities for high margin growth based on expanding current capabilities. By including these targets in the company plans, the business forecast changed from 2% to 11% profit growth. This built excitement both among the internal team and with customers.

“Ajay quickly evaluates issues and determines the best solutions based on his diligent research and knowledge base. His engaging personality endears trust and confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Ajay as a consultant.”

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